5 Great ways to start your day.

Have you ever given much thought about how you start your day?

Or like me, were you just going through the motions?

This was how I used to start my day:

I would drag myself out of bed at the last minute before my son usually woke up, savouring my dreams . Skipped breakfast in favour of coffee and braced myself for the tantrums that my son would have because he didn't want the breakfast i'd prepared for him, he would rather eat a bag of crisps. Not a great beginning to my day. It would leave me stressed and tired and to be honest I would just be thinking I can't wait until I can go back to bed to dream about the life I want.

Now I actually look forward to my mornings. Here's why:

I get up between 5:30 and 6:00 to allow myself up to 1-2 hours before my son wakes. I give thanks to God for giving me this new day. I then read my goals list three times. I grab my headphones put on some feel good music and make my way downstairs to make myself breakfast. After, I have taken the time to enjoy my breakfast I go and do my physiotherapy and self-created workout which takes about half an hour. Then I usually jump in the shower which helps me feel refreshed and ready for my day. After dressing I usually sit down and dedicate the remainder of my time to working on my projects. One of which is this blog. But you could also use that free time to catch up on chores or do something that you enjoy.

side note: I do also allow myself a lie in on Monday/Tuesday when my partner is at home to tend to our son but still follow my new routine.

Since doing this I have noticed a vast improvement in my mindset, I don't feel tired and sluggish anymore and am ready for anything my son can literally throw at me ( My dodge-ball skills have improved tremendously...thanks son.)

Why do I do this?

1) Waking early: I'm a woman who loves to sleep so this one took some getting used to. But the reason I do this is is I realised that I would constantly make excuses that I didn't have any me time, or not enough time to do the things I wanted. So I needed to make that time and the easiest way to do that was to stop over-sleeping. I once read a motivational quote that said most people dream about the life they want. Few actually stay awake to achieve it. It really resonated with me. (It took me until I was 30 to understand I was sleeping my life away.)

2) Give thanks to God: Now this one is huge to me. I have always believed in God. But I have never shown gratitude to God for all of the gifts that he has given me. Sure I have had some really tough struggles in my life. But I have also been given some great blessings. My son being the biggest blessing of all. Since a traumatic experience in 2017 I had turned away from God consumed by my own anger and self-hatred. Slowly I am making my way back to him. I think even if you do not believe in God it is vital that you show gratitude to the universe so that you can align yourself with everything that you want and who you want to be.

3) Goals List: There are so many things that I would like to change about myself and my life but these goals were jumbled and lost in my mind. Creating a list of my goals helps me to focus on what I want and look for opportunities to get them. I make sure to read them aloud daily to speak to God and tell him that this is what I'm looking for but also to energise myself and keep my mind open to the possibility of achieving them, rather then telling myself that it will never happen, or letting them fade from my mind as quickly as they came. Be as specific as possible, so for instance, if you want a new car don't just say my goal is to get a new car, but rather my goal is to get a Jaguar F series.

4) Feel Good Music: Music is a fantastic tool that can evoke so much emotion. Now as somebody that has a very negative view on life I know that I have to change this and get out of my own vicious cycle. By listening to feel good music I instantly feel happier and my mood is lifted. They say that we attract our own reality so I want to learn to be positive to attract positive changes to my life (the law of attraction.) My favourite song has to be I Believe by Yolanda Adams. You can listen here:

5) Workout: As somebody with a physical disability my workout might not be typical orwhat you would expect but rather it is about getting my body moving. Movement creates motivation and I need motivation to break the bad habits of a lifetime and start creating my new beginning

Now I'm not saying that this is the best morning routine but it is one that fits in to my lifestyle and has genuinely made me happier, I feel as though I have a purpose outside of 'being mum' If you could only implement one new thing out of my morning routine in to yours then I would recommend that you create a goals list of what you want in life ( I have a short-term list and a long-term list) then read it aloud every day. Clarity on what you want is key to achieving it.

Have a fantastic day.

I hope to see you again soon.

Motivated Mum.

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