A Short Guide On How to Quickly Declutter.

Ok, I don't want to take up much of your time. Instead I want to let you get straight on to quickly decluttering .

Getting Ready.

So before you start decluttering there are a few basic supplies that you will want to have to hand to make it easier and faster. These are:

1) Rubbish Bags.

2) Boxes or (rubbish bags) for donations and storage.

3) Cleaning Supplies.

Let's Start.

So you want to take a few minutes to scan your chosen room and look for the biggest mess. That's where you'll want to begin. Here's what you should do next:

First Remove All Obvious Rubbish.

Pretty self-explanatory but start by throwing out all of the rubbish you can see first. Don't worry about getting it all at once. You'll find more as you go through things.

Start Separating Items In to boxes or Piles.

For this step just start going through items and put them in piles:

things you want to keep,

things you want to keep but don't belong in that space, (I have things scattered all over thanks to my toddler, i'll often find kitchen utensils in the living room)

things you want to get rid of (you can choose to divide this in to rubbish and donations if you'd like)

Give Any Surfaces a Clean

Once you've removed all the items you can give the area a quick clean before you start putting things back.

Start Putting Items Back

All items that you are keeping and that belong in that area you can start putting back. It might be worth the extra time to dust or clean these items (it will look nicer.) Keep everything else in their piles for now.

Take a step back and re-examine the room. Ignoring your piles of items are there any other big messes that you feel need sorting. If so repeat this process.

Once you have finished all areas that you are going to declutter you can then start removing the other items and doing as planned with them.

That's It.

The reason that this works as a quick declutter is your not tackling a whole room in one go but rather you're tackling the biggest offenders. You may find that once you've done this the 'little' messes no longer bother you. Again using myself as an example when I first decluttered the living room I thought I would have to go through every cupboard and every drawer in order to have space to hide all of my sons toys, but actually once I had reduced the amount of toys he has I no longer feel the need to put them out of sight. I'm quite happy with his toy box in the corner, so the task I ended up doing wasn't nearly as big as I expected.

One Final tip. Try to set yourself a time limit that way you're not tempted to take on too much. Personally I recommend up to half an hour for your first declutter, then try to get in to the habit of doing it two to three times a year and you can reduce that time to ten minutes .

Have a fantastic day.

I hope to see you again soon.

Motivated Mum.

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Affiliate disclaimer
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