God wants to help you!

You may have these big ambitions and goals that seem to be a pipe-dream, but they needn't be. God wants to help you succeed and achieve your goals. If you have been dreaming of something for a long time, without any sign of it ever coming true, this could be just what you need. It doesn't matter what you may or may not have tried before, what matters is what you do next.

Stop reading this blog in just a moment, take a deep breath in and say out loud "THANK YOU GOD, thank you for blessing me with this wonderful abundant life " concentrate on the meaning of these words and say it again. Say it as often as you can throughout each day. It's important to recognise and communicate with God in your daily life. It is through the grace of God that you are here, and have everything that you do, and it is through God that will you have access to everything that you desire.

I'm sure this is not a new concept for you. But it is one that matters immensely: for you are what you think. So you have to condition yourself to think about what you want, but doing so in a positive way, as opposed to thinking of it as something that you want but don't have. The easiest way to do this is to change your perspective. Start showing gratitude and stop taking things for granted. Did you get blessed with breakfast this morning? Have you got a roof over your head? A job, or source of income? Then you already have more than some. The life you are living now is somebody else's dream. So you must thank God for these things before you can start to bring additional desires in to your life.

Another important factor is that in order to attract what you want, you can not simply ask God and visualise them, you must take action. Say for example you wanted to buy a new house but didn't have enough money. You must first find a house that you would want, work out how much you would need in order to obtain it, (know how much you need for a deposit, monthly mortgage payments, bills ect.) This helps you narrow down your desire in to a clear and exact goal. Your goal is no longer to simply buy a house, but rather to earn x amount of money each month in order to be able to afford it. Keep this figure in your mind, be open to opportunities that are sent your way to increase your earnings, no matter how small of an increase it may seem. You also need to concentrate on one desire at a time.

The final step is probably the most difficult. You must ask yourself why you want these things? Why do you want a new house? Your desires should not be coming from a place of greed or a need to 'show off' or impress someone. It should be coming from a personal need. So for instance, you want a new house because you have outgrown your current one. Or you want a new house for security as you are currently renting.

Have a fantastic day.

I hope to see you again soon.

Motivated Mum.

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