Matched Betting Money Maker

Have you heard of matched betting?

Have you tried it?

If you have heard of it but never tried it. I get it. The word betting is a real turn-off for most people. But actually matched betting is generally risk free when done correctly. This is because you actually place two bets each time so you bet for and against a result so either way you are right. Then you unlock a free bet or a bonus amount that you can use to make real cash from home.

Now with the world changing around us, It is important to utilise every opportunity. This amazing method of making money is a low start-up chance to make money each month. In fact I was able to make £100 in my first week. Using the money I made from surveys (you can read my post here)

Disclaimer: I made mistakes in my first few days doing matched betting so I didn't make money on a couple of my bets.

Here's why:

1) I placed a cover bet with a betting exchange but the odds changed as I was placing it and the bet ended up not being matched so never went through. Meaning that I hadn't covered all basis. So definitely take a few seconds to check your placed bets.

2) I ended up placing the same bet twice. I was being distracted by my son when placing a bet and a little message came up saying cancel unmatched bets so I clicked on it and assumed my bet hadn't gone through and did it again, only to discover that both bets had been accepted so I made a £5 loss on that.

Generally matched betting is an easy to follow process and can be done as much or as little as you want.

The website I reccommend is this one:

Profit Accumulator

The video tutorials are well thought out and explained in the simplest of terms. They have an online community which is a wonderful resource especially if you don't understand a certain concept, you can reach out and get help from them.

It's also cheaper then its competitors meaning that you keep more of your profit. So it's a WIN WIN also you can get a free trial with them which allows you to make up to £45 for free, that way you can see for yourself if it's worth your time.

Have a fantastic day.

I hope to see you again soon.

Motivated Mum.

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