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How many times have you asked yourself... "Why do I struggle and struggle and STRUGGLE at wealth???" How many times have you wondered why some people seem to get rich with almost no effort at all while others (possibly even you) work hard, pay your dues but just can't seem to catch a break?

Are you beginning to think that perhaps riches, wealth and abundance are only for a select group of lucky people and for whatever reason, you're not destined to be a part of that group? If you can relate to these questions that I've just asked you, then I suggest you shut your cell phone off and forget about e-mails for a few minutes as this may be the most important post you ever read.

Why This May Be The Most Important Information You Ever Come Across On Creating Wealth... Two Powerful Wealth Secrets Revealed Today, I'm going to share two powerful secrets about why certain people will remain broke - and possibly even poverty stricken no matter how hard they work - while others (who may even be downright lazy and unintelligent) will continue to attract wealth and riches no matter what.

OK first off, whether you realize it or not, regardless of what your goals in life may be, in reality all you want is more control. If you desire more money, its because you believe that more money will equip you with more control over things that revolve around having more money. If you want a better relationship, it's because you believe that will provide a certain amount of control over your happiness. Well let me be blunt; the truth is you can't control everything. There are certain things that are beyond your control that no matter what you do, will always have an affect on you that could be positive or negative. Things like death and or unpredictable weather will always be a part of life but that rule applies to everyone so putting that aside, there are a multitude of things (including wealth and financial freedom) that are completely controllable and there are millions of people around the world proving it every single day.

The First Thing About Wealth That You Must Know If you thought that wealth was only for a select group of people, you were is and always has been. This group of individuals can attract opportunities like bees to a hive. They can figure out endless way to flood their pockets with cash when they need it. They know how to multiply their income over and over again. And (you guessed it) they just keep getting richer as the rich "do get richer". But the truth is that anyone (including you) can become a member of this elite group but only a few will. Why? The answer lies in...

The Second Thing About Wealth That You Must Know Self made millionaires believe that they deserve to be wealthy. They feel like it's their birth right to be rich. In fact, when they aren't making money they feel as though something in their life is off. It's the difference between the lucky mindset versus the entitlement mindset. You see, most people think that if you become wealthy, you were lucky. We've all heard people say things like "He was in the right place at the right time" or "He got really lucky; that doesn't happen to just anyone". What the majority of people who say things like this don't realize is that they are training their minds to accept the belief that it takes luck (or an extreme set of rare circumstances) to become rich. And once you accept that as a belief it will become a reality.

Self made millionaire's have another set of beliefs. They believe that getting rich is very common for people like them. They believe that it's natures course to put money into their hands and that it's just a matter of how it's going to happen. This is how they are able to act in spite of doubt or fear because they have the fundamental belief that they were meant to succeed and create vast income streams.

So that's why you need to start to work on your own mindset and flip it from a limiting belief to one that truley believes in their right for abundance. Are You Ready?

I'm pretty sure you've heard about gratitude. Gratitude is the new trending mindset but for good reason. When we start to be grateful for the litte things in life we can let go of stress, worry and anxiety because we already have what we need on hand instead: positivity! Now of course you want to spend some time immersing yourself in thoughts of the life you want but you also need to be grateful for the one that you have. Got a roof over your head? Food in your belly? Then you're doing pretty well. Start to show gratitude to the universe and your mindset will begin to shift.

Stop limiting yourself, don't say things like I've got no money, I can't afford that because then you are speaking this in to your reality. The law of attraction is huge don't just take my word for it but Jim Carey, Oprah Winfrey and many more know the true power about the law of attraction. No i'm not talking believe and recieve but rather believing in yourself. Believe that you are the person who has always been lucky, got what they wanted ect and ACT the way that person would. In a sense you are upgrading yourself you are changing in to that better version of you who has the health and the money. If you seek money then think about the way someone who has the type of money spends their day, the hours they put in hussling and grinding, juggling multiple business ventures then set a plan and get to work. Only when you become who you want to be will you recieve what you desire.

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