Self- Compassion Is SO Underrated.

Self-compassion is hard work but if we persist the result can be life-changing. I think that so many of us are hard-wired to think about everyone else, and feel guilty when we do something for ourselves. Especially parents we constantly think about what our child needs and how we can make their life better; their needs consuming our every thought and influencing every decision we make. But if we can take a moment to ask ourselves what we need, then deliver that to ourselves, we can recharge and find ourselves in a more positive state of mind which is then reflected back to our child. Creating healthy habits is such an important lesson that we can teach ourselves and in doing so instill these habits in to our child so that it is natural for them, you'll have done all of the 'hard-work' for them.

When was the last time you thought about self-compassion?  Have you ever had to soothe yourself?

How did you do it?  Self-compassion can bring great benefits to our health and mental well-being. It activates our soothe system, which calms our fight or flight system (that detects potential dangers) and our drive system (to motivate us to get things done). Without our soothe system, our threat and drive systems can become overactive and lead to emotions such as anxiety, depression, and anger. These are normal emotions but if they are evoked due to a lack of our self-compassion, it can become a vicious cycle leaving us to constantly sabotage ourselves.  Did you know that the opposite of self-compassion is self-criticism? 

  If you find self-compassion difficult, try using a soothing imagery. (If you need inspiration you can click here to visit my positive pictures post) You could think of a place of your childhood that you remember fondly or anything that evokes a feeling of happiness. Take some slow breaths. When you feel calmer and warmer, direct some kind and encouraging thoughts to yourself. 

I am beautiful,

I am worthy,

I am enough. Some of my favourite ways to be self- compassionate are:

Meditating: Using meditation was my first introduction to self-development and was my awakening to the fact that I had the key to my own happiness, that in fact I'd held the key all my life I just didn't know it. Because I had seen a change I actually invested in several meditation mp3's the one that I have found the most success with is here

Exercising for fun: I like to exercise with my son, things that he can join in with so stretches, push-ups and then we also dance around the room and just be silly together. You can read my post on this here.

Having a bath: It's calming and submerging my body in warm water just makes me relax and eases tensions that may have been built up throughout the day although I only make time once a week for this so it feels more like a treat.

Doing a night-time skincare routine: I love this, i think about washing all of the negativity away whilst i do this. I think the power of touch is a wonderful evoker so I make sure to give myself a mini facial once a week with a self massage.  The beauty about these are that are so flexible and can be done on a whim. Be kind to yourself/

Have a fantastic day.

I hope to see you again soon.

Motivated Mum.

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