Ten Tips For Better Time Management.

So you may have heard about time management but if you're anything like me then you won't have spent time planning your time (seems counterproductive.) But actually since I created a guideline for my time I actually manage to get more done and feel less stressed, because I know that I have the time to get everything done, without feeling like I am neglecting my son (super important)

I call it a guideline because I don't stick stringently to the allotted time-frames, sometimes I may be having too much fun with my son (yes really!) that I don't want to stop. Or I take a day to do as I please in order to recharge.

You can download my daily schedule here:

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Now here are my top 10 tips for time management.

1) Make a 'to do' list on an evening so that you don't forget to do something the next day. (Having "Me Time" should always be on the list. You deserve it. Click here to get my ebook on how to trick your brain in to having more "Me Time")

2) Utilise every opportunity... is your child a slow eater? Do the dishes whilst they finish dinner.

3) Set a timer for tasks that way you're not constantly checking the clock when you're trying to be productive. Only got 5 mins to do some dishes? Take 30 seconds to set a timer and get to it. You'll get through more by being focused for the full time.

4) Do laundry daily (if your household produces enough to do a load a day.) That way it's not piling up and will take less time to sort and put away.

5) Encourage your child to help with chores (my two year old loves to sweep the floor with a dustpan and brush and we play a game that means he puts his own toys away at the end of the night.) Click below for my free Ebooks:

Chores for the appropriate age
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Printable Chores Sheets
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6) Check your sleeping pattern. Are you over sleeping? (I was, I love my bed, it's my favourite place) Could you wake up an hour earlier without missing out on essential sleep? If so this creates an extra 7 hours a week to get things done that you can't do with your kids around.

7) Create a work zone. If you need somewhere to work, plan shopping or sort through finances it's easier to have a designated space or surface to do this. It creates a mental recognition that you are there to do work so you will be more focused and you can teach your child that when you're sat there working they need to self play for a short amount of time. ( I only give myself 20 minutes maximum during the day, my son doesn't like not having me to play with)

8) Stay At Home. This one might seem a bit of a curve ball but in order to complete tasks around the home, you need to be at home. If you're overwhelmed by the amount of jobs you need to do commit a day or two at home to get them done. Then reintroduce outings as a family.

9) Learn When To Say No. All too often stay at home mums feel the need to be 'super mums' and often take on more then they should. Take a moment to think about all the things you do for the home and other people. Are there things that you do but shouldn't? If so, unload that work. Explain to the person that you won't be doing it anymore and move on from it. Also don't be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help from your partner...even if they have been at work all day. Just a simple task of putting dishes away can go a long way!

10) Declutter once a month. Make time once a month to declutter the most used rooms eg, kitchen, living room. I'm always amazed at how much stuff we accumulate within this time. Now it may not seem worth it at the time, but decluttering has so many benefits to the whole household. Less stuff equals less mess, it creates more space for storage, and cleaner environment has a positive impact on your mind. If I plan on sorting through my sons toys I do it when he is in bed simply because as soon as i pick something up he immediately wants it, even if it's been accepted by dust bunnies at the bottom of his toy box.

I hope that this has given you some idea of how you can best manage your time. Freeing up time in your day means that you have more time to do things that bring you joy and happiness. Here's to all of you amazing mums out there who are rocking it, even if you're still in pj's at 2pm.

Have a fantastic day.

I hope to see you again soon.

Motivated Mum.

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