The Impact of Covid-19 on Babies and Young Children

The pandemic has had a huge impact globally both socially and economically, but it has also had a profound effect on babies and young children. Having a two year old my own anxieties have increased about his quality of life. As much as I try to give him a range of activities that we do together I am unable to give him the social education that he would get from being able to play with other children. He himself has picked up on the concept of staying away from children and has actually started coming to me now if someone else tries to use the same piece of playground equipment, which although I am pleased about for reduced risks concerns me that he has learnt not to play with other children. Is it something I can easily un-teach?

But I am not the only one to have such doubts and fears, a charity collective of Best Beginnings, Home-Start UK and the Parent-Infant Foundation conducted a survey of over of 5'000 expectant mothers, new parents and parents of toddlers called 'Babies in Lockdown' which highlights the under resourcing of services for families (just one in ten parents of under twos have seen a health visitor face to face) the impact of this is enormous because it means that both parents and children are more at risk, because neither has access to the support that many of us have taken for granted. Put this with the restrictions on being able to meet with friends and family and you have the perfect recipe for added anxiety.

In further detail the survey shows that:

One quarter (25%) of parents reported concern about their relationship with their baby, and one third (35%) of these would like to get help with this.

This further highlights the divide that Covid-19 is creating. Because parents are feeling like they have less access to health care and professional advice some are struggling to get to grips with raising their newborn, especially first time parents.

However not all is doom and gloom the survey was able to provide enough information that the charities were able to recommend a plan of action and in other areas parents have found that not having visitors has allowed them the opportunity to rest more as well as one mum dedicating time to learn to breastfeed.

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