Why I Only Exercise For Fun...Why You Should Too.

In this media rich society we are bombarded with images of the 'ideal' body and the notion that sex sells. So if you've got it you should flaunt it. But this has such a negative impact on so many people, myself included. When we compare ourselves to others we tend to put ourselves down.

I'm not as pretty.

I'm not skinny enough.

I could never wear that,

I wish I looked like that.

This perceived image of perfection is one that has changed throughout the years and will continue to do so. Just take a look:

Now being someone with a disability I can't say that I was ever a gym junkie but I did do exercises to try and change my body because I didn't believe it was good enough. I would only eat one meal a day as a teen as I was afraid of being fat. (Yes i was afraid!) but no matter how hard I tried I couldn't achieve my goals and I would get so mad with myself, hurt, anger, stress and self-loathing were the results I got from trying to stick to a regimented exercise routine. But I finally broke free of all of these negative emotions I had spent years attaching to myself. I have used all the tools mentioned in my blog and now I only exercise for fun (I still maintain my physiotherapy)

I'm not saying that you shouldn't exercise to achieve a goal you absolutely should if it's something that will make you healthier. But I would also recommend doing it for fun at least once a week. A semi-unscheduled, unplanned moment (you have to plan to do some movement) in your day where you can just move your body in any way you want for as much or as little time as you have.

Because my two year old is with me 99% of the time I do things that he can join in on or even let him lead the activity... So yesterday whilst we were out in the garden he had placed all his footballs in a line and was walking over them so I started to do it with him and it soon turned in to our own little race. I was having so much fun chasing him around the garden, seeing him laugh and get so giddy that I didn't even realise how much energy I was using until we stopped and I was trying to catch my breath. I felt so good for the rest of the day because my body had released all of the positive endorphins that come from exercising but I also kept thinking about that memory which brings me so much joy.

You can do stretching, walking, running, swinging your arms, jumping, dancing anything. Don't set yourselves targets. So don't plan to walk for a mile just do it. Because you're not tracking what you are doing you can use this time to think about all of your favourite things, favourite memories, favourite dreams and desires and let your body move on autopilot. You're adding energy to all of the things that bring happiness, adding momentum and increasing all of your positive energy sending it out in to the universe in a big powerful wave. If you want to magnify this further you can play uplifting music in the background which can amplify your emotions.

Have a fantastic day.

I hope to see you again soon.

Motivated Mum.

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